Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Day 5 - Hawaii Honeymoon

Today was relax day. We got up early to get seats by the adult pool. Apparently it gets pretty competitive and people literally line up at 7am to claim territory. Naturally when I got there at 6:55am, I was one of three people there.

We set up shop and went to oceanside yoga. The sand on Wailea beach is so soft and clean. The resort is much more manicured then any human I know!

The hotel has a  breakfast buffet we enjoyed every morning (courtesy of booking with Stacy Small at Elite Travel International).  In addition to a customized feast, there were also gluten free options, a different complimentary smoothie shot every morning and a load of greedy/courageous birds joining us.

We spent the morning reading (finished Aleph by Paulo Coelho) and relaxing at the Serenity infinity pool...
and then it started to rain. As most island weather goes, we thought it would pass and then we could continue with our plan to hit the driving range but it never did.  It rained for several more hours, apparently a rare thing. 

Our late lunch was at a place "known for their hawaiian pizza" called Round Table. I cracked up when we got there because it was like a Pizza Hut meets Medieval Times meets a bootleg Chuckie Cheese. Oh well, its hit or miss out in Wailea I guess. David then went for a run and I relaxed cuz I hadn't been sleeping well. Hooked myself up with a great face mask from the concierge too!  

The rain stopped just in time for a spectacular sunset.  The best one of the entire trip. 
Sunset from our room. 

Sunset from the Serenity Pool. 

We walked the grounds and found the game room a couple hours too late, as well as a Missoni designed lounge area.  One of the many awesome partnerships in the hotel is the Missoni one. They also designed two cabanas here.
One of the two Missoni cabanas at the Serenity Pool.

And then it was dinner. So much eating!  We went to Capische? A decent and extremely overpriced place where I ate shrimp carbonara and husband ate the lamb. It was a really dark and quiet place but for some reason I was just not feeling the vibe.  Rainy day blues perhaps.  But a rainy day in Hawaii is still better then a rainy day anywhere else.  

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