Monday, July 12, 2010

I'm bored MTV

I didn't get the MTV TJ gig.  I'll spare a rant.  But since I am bored, I decided to do the challenges they post anyway!

Challenge 1 was to answer the question "Who Am I?" by expressing your identity through a digital medium.  If I wasn't lazy and this mattered, I'd make a scrapbook looking slideshow of pics of various things like me at Ohio State, in NYC and other places around the world like Israel, St. Martin & Paris. There'd be pics of me and various celebs, food, family and friends.  The second part of the challenge was to increase your followers.  Yea, well I guess I'll skip that one.  Moving on! 

Challenge 2 - "Moved".  Basically it's about what inspires you and why.  In addition, create a hashtag (#) to be used in conversation about said inspiration.  I would have to decide between a couple of things, some which were covered by candidates.  #Autism or #CerebralPalsy has effected my family so maybe I'd make a flyer about that.  Or other things I am passionate about like #GayRights, #SummerFun, #food, #GreenThings #travel #health/yoga #Israel or #StopPuppyMills.   I think I could keep a conversation going on any of those topics which all inspire me.  Then it asks to you track and cover a current event for the remainder of the competition.  Some of the previous topics could cross into this or I could talk about #BPoilspill? #summerconcerts? #jobsearch? #celebgossip? 

Challenge 3 - "Good Vibrations". Part 1 is asking what three musical moments have impacted your life the most.  Part 2 is to find and expose a local band.  

Part 1, hard to narrow down to three.  Music plays a huge role in my life.: 
1. My very first concert I ever went to was obviously going to be a major point in my life.  I was 13 and I went with a friend to see Blink-182.  We had these great seats at Jones Beach which is an open venue on the water.  Super excellent time and I was addicted to going to see bands after that.  
2. Growing up, I loved Dave Matthews Band.  I mean, I am Jewish and went to sleep away camp, it makes sense.  My friends the day of a Dave Matthews concert in 1998 had an extra ticket.  I ran to a pay phone and begged my mom to go.  I had tried so hard to get a ticket to this show with no luck so when my friend offered it and my mom said I couldn't go I was devastated.  When I got home I cried and my mom came into my room and said "You only live once, go." It was at Giant Stadium, about to finish and about to pour.  The encore was #41 and literally as the rain started, Dave started playing and the harder he played, the harder it rained.  It was the craziest and still the best concert I have ever been to.
3.  Bonnaroo 2005.  Three day musical festival in Manchester, TN.  Drove across country with two friends and experienced three days of music, joy, sweat, heat, dance and fun.  I will never forget that.  

Part 2 I found out needs to be an unsigned band so basically all I can think of without doing any research is my friend Jasper and his musical baby, See The World.  Check out their MySpace page.  

Now I'll just wait for Challenge 4 MTV.  BRING. IT. ON. 

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