Thursday, July 15, 2010

Celeb Twitterers

MTV posted their 4th challenge for the TJs.

Challenge 4 | Follow Me
Open for 3 days ‐ from 12:00am (EST) July 15 2010 to 11:59pm (EST) July 17, 2010.
Overview: Our TJ needs to be courageous and unafraid. We want to see if they can be magnetic and tactful enough to maintain the attention of a busy celeb. This challenge will prove that the TJ candidates can be persuasive, charming, and persistent.
Personal: If you could only follow one person on Twitter, who would it be and why?
Social: Convince one or more celebrities to follow you, support your TJ candidacy, and retweet you. If you already have a celebrity follower, you must try for another!
Fun at the Apple StoreI decided to get behind fellow NYer and PRBC lover, Brittany James.  I like other candidates but @Bitty_Boop has won me over.  Check out her website and every possible way to support/contact her here:

If I were her, I'd hit up publicists I know already since many celeb twitter accounts are their pr peeps OR at least listen to their pr peeps.  She already got that idea which is awesome. Go Team Brittany! 
Too bad I'm not competing, I think I would kick butt at this.  I'll just now focus those energies onto my candidate of choice.  
Some very random celeb twitterers I'd want following me:
@ladygaga cuz that'd just be awesome. 
@drakkardnoir @NickiMinaj @liltunechi @iamdiddy @rustyrockets @snoopdogg @apulsk @russellsimmons @reggie_bush @Ogochocinco @moby @adrienne_bailon @iambenlyons @redhourben...  I found this site with them all:

What celeb would you want endorsing you?

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