Sunday, July 18, 2010

MTV TJ Challenge 5

My Top Three MTV Moments:
1. Going to see TRL in Times Square.  I never actually made it into the studio but I remember on more then one occasion when our favorite guests would be in, groups of us would go and get a glimpse of the fun from those windows.  Seeing Carson wave from the window, watching the repeat later to see if we or our friends made it into TV.  Serious childhood memories.  
2.  Every year in high school for the MTV Awards (movie and video), my friends and I would have viewing parties.  One year we dressed up like we were going to an awards show!
3. Watching Singled Out.  For some reason, I always remember watching that show after school with my little brother and babysitter.  It's just something  highly associate My MTV with.  

Now, onto what I would ask a celeb in an interview...
Of coarse it depends on who you are speaking with.  But there are always the "go tos".  These are mine. 
What is in your ipod right now? 
If you could eat anything you want right now, what would it be?
Whats up? Whats next? Whatcha got in the works? 
And if it's an musical artist, where have you played your favorite show and why?

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