Tuesday, July 6, 2010

NYC Holiday

Drove to NYC for the holiday weekend.  After a solid drive we came to a halt at the GW Bridge but we saw some fireworks in the distance so that was kinda cool.  Woke up and went to look at apartments on Wall Street.  They are throwing in some great deals down there!  The highlight of the trip happened the first day too.  We were chillin in Washington Square Park and we saw them filming Curb Your Enthusiasm.  Spotted Larry David, Wanda Sykes and Jeff Garlin.  The reason I am best friends with the person I am best friends with is because of Larry David.  She wrote for her fun fact during sorority rush "I love Larry David" and the girl talking to us asked her if that was her boyfriend.  We laughed and walked away and that was that.

Food, one of my favorite subjects, and generally what I base my plans around.  We went to Ed's Lobster Cart for lunch and it was the best lobster roll I have ever had (the most expensive also).  Also checked out the Standard Hotel Bier Garden.  $8 ticket gets you a beer, brat or pretzel.  The pretzels were the biggest things I have ever seen and came with a sweet and a spicy mustard sauce which I thoroughly enjoyed.  I would go back here again for sure.  Stumbled over to the Frying Pan after that and got some prime seating in the front of the boat and watched the sunset.  Also enjoyed brunch at Good where I had a Basil & Goat Cheese omelet on a sourdough slice of toast and the following day, eggs benedict at my fave, The Smith.

For the 4th I set up a little picnic spot for my friends in Central Park and spent the day there relaxing.  It's the one thing I wanted to do and I did it so I was thrilled.  Then some friends and I walked down to the west side to watch the world famous fireworks.  A guy even proposed to his lady friend in front of us during it (she said yes).

The only real problem I had was that I hate being a visitor in my own city.  I was spoiled having an apartment there.  It's stressful staying outside the city and having to worry about if you brought everything you need for the day.  By the end of the day I was so exhausted, I didn't even have the energy to go out at night which kinda stunk cuz I was hoping to.  Oh well, I'll be back!

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