Saturday, June 19, 2010

Get Him To The Greek

I didn't go to this movie with any expectations because it would have just been setting myself up for disappointment. I'm glad I didn't although I have to say, I was not all that upset. I judge my movie experience as "bad" if I leave regretting wasting my money on the money or "good" if I leave the theater thinking I am OK with the time and money I just spent on this experience.

Obviously this is not the type of movie that is going to solve the world's problems, answer deeply burning inner questions or even highly surpass any mental capacity I have in my head. I just wanted to laugh, and laugh I did!

Editing was a bit confusing, the storyline not completely cohesive. Most likely a lot was left on the cutting room floor, like half the scenes used in the promos. I am glad it was like that though because after the long and repetitive commercials I continuously saw, I felt like I probably saw the entire movie, which I was relieved to see I did not. I have an idea that this will be a major extras DVD.

Thumbs Up.

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