Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Why me MTV? I'll Tell Ya!

As I am sure you all know by now, I am campaigning for a spot in the MTV TJ search. This is my DREAM JOB and I am PSYCHED!

I have already asked for nominations via twitter, facebook and my blog but I feel lacking. I feel that I need to express why this is the perfect job for me and so behold, my essay. (If anyone knows the MTV genius' behind this contest, please feel free to pass this one to them!)

Why I Should Be MTV’s First TJ (In List Form)

by Rebecca Meyers

1. I am part of the MTV generation. Been watching it for years and don't plan on stopping any time soon.

2. Total music affectionado.

3. Pop culture is my specialty.

4. I am red carpet trained. Been to a few from my entertainment publicist days.

5. Know how to talk to celebrities/people in general. For some reason, conversation is just as easy with a billionaire movie star as it is for me with my neighbor. In fact, it has lead to many great times such as dancing with Snoop Dogg, a piggyback ride from Michael Strahan at his Superbowl Party and driving Lewis Black to the airport.

6. I never forget a face and treat everyone like a celeb.

7. I am somewhat tech savvy. Since the social media craze, people have been telling me I have a "talent" for it, whatever that means!

8. Love New York City, traveling and being at events.

9. Adjectives that describe me: creative, hard working, dedicated, motivated, adventurous, awkward, funny, witty, diverse, youthful (and apparently after this list, somewhat conceited).

10. Capable of being engaging and appropriate, even in 140 characters. Also very audience conscious.

12. I need a job, want this job, and read the entire contract and am 100% eligible!

So there it is in the smallest nutshell I could think of. Of coarse I'll be following up with a video as well, keep an eye out for that soon.

If this totally convinced you that I am the girl for the job, please follow me on twitter @beccameyers, facebook friend me - Becca Meyers, and post to all of your friends after you go vote for me, @beccameyers at


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