Sunday, June 6, 2010

MTV Movie Award Theory

Twilight stole the awards all night long. No surprise. I am NOT on the Twilight bandwagon but pretty much every girl age 12 - 60 is. So when it came time for the final award, Best Movie, I wanted it to be Hangover because it was clearly the best movie but was not so much surprised but disappointed in Twilight winning.

Why though? It's MTV! Think about it. Their average age viewer is what, 12-18? Twilight is the nobrainer here! Half the actual audience of MTV probably doesn't even understand most of the Hangover jokes and they certainly can't relate to them. The last thing on a 15 year olds mind is getting married and having a bachelor party.


So many of us elders are still watching these ridiculous award shows, so its just bound to be disappointing to us. It really isn't that big of a deal but at the same time I feel like even though the network isn't necessarily aimed at our demographic, the award shows are.

Side Note on Twilight/Kristen Stewart: The girl is painful to watch! She needs to get over the awkward, anxiety, stage freight thing ASAP. It was cute at first or whatever but like, Twilight gave you your life dude! Don't look so freakin uncomfortable when someone is talking about you or your movie. Don't look like and act like its torture to walk up and receive yet ANOTHER award. Don't refuse to do interviews on the red carpet of the award show from the people who literally fill your pockets with your paychecks. Take some drugs or something, perk up, grow some balls and ROCK IT! At least as her publicist, that is what I would suggest!

That's just my piece of mind. That said, I thought the awards show in general was great this year. Aziz Ansari, who I was skeptical about, rocked. No surprise either that the bleeping was way off. So many F-Bombs! Also, I adore Sandra Bullock. She was given the Generation Award and gracefully accepted by saying, "Can we all just go back to normal now and continue to make fun of me? Say a prayer for the people in the Gulf." She really is a humble human being AND looked HOT. I loved her dress and Louboutins. My question here though is if she was getting the award because of the current circumstances? Like I just said, I think she's a great person but no one gave this much of a sympathy vote to Jennifer Aniston or anyone else I can think of in the cheating marriage situation. I don't argue the award wasn't deserved and don't wanna be a hater. I'm just curious.

Fashion to come...

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