Sunday, January 31, 2010

Book Of Eli

Thumbs Up.

The highlight of the night came before we even got into the theater. Cleveland Cavaliers forward Jawad Williams was getting popcorn and David spotted him and got giddy like a school girl. Have to admit it was pretty cute. He has a sixth sense for athletes the way I do for celebrities. Dude was facing a wall with a hoodie on his head but I guess at 6' 9" you gotta assume it's someone. Wonder if he liked the movie?

I thought BOE had a couple slow points but it was worth it. The ending needed to happen or I would have been enraged. Trying to explain without giving away too much is difficult.

I had no idea Mila Kunis was in this movie. I really didn't research it before going to see it, or hear too much about it. In this post-apocaliptic world, the survivors are all a mixture of 1800'sy Wild Wild West with a touch of hipster, especially Mila's character. Some of the humans wear these goggles that the original test pilots wore (like the kind you see on crazy time traveler wannabe scientists), and others like Mila and Denzel, wear designer sunglasses. It was a weird mix. Also, playing mother to Mila Kunis' character, Solara, is Jennifer Beals. I barely recognized her. She's come a long way since a childhood fave of mine, Faerie Tale Theatre's Cinderella. (That's right, the entire episode is in that link. You're welcome.)

Playing the antagonist was Gary Oldman. He reminded me of a crazy southern preacher man, which I am not sure was intended or not, but I would be surprised if it wasn't. He's the power hungry sheriff type in this little town, leading by deception and knowledge. Typical. I thought he was about to change the entire cusp of the film, by preaching religion, but he did not. The Hughes brothers just stuck with the "Denzel will just be bad ass in this movie, let's not go overboard with messages".

Something that needs to be touched on is the product placement in this film. It could not be more obvious. The movie was shot in what seems like a grey-ish scale. When Eli is walking through the barron world, there is wreckage and everything is dark and dirty yet the brightest blue Busch truck is within this wreckage. They may as well have put an arrow on the screen pointing at it. Obviously as well was the KFC wetnaps. Used as a form of currency now, a clever little idea, but product placement nonetheless. Also noted, only because David is obsessed with them, was the Beats by Dr. Dre headphones ($149.99 at a Best Buy near you!) that go with the Apple iPod Eli managed to salvage and keep charged for 30plus years.

Bottom Line: Go See It.

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