Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My First Guest Blog

Melody Simpson is the author of the blog, Hollywood The Write Way. We were connected last year and since then have kept in touch. She recently asked me to guest blog on anything I wanted and the first thing that came to my mind was LOST. The following is what I wrote and she posted. Be sure to check the actual posting here!

Tuesday February 2nd on ABC. A date that has been lingering in my head for months. Oh LOST. Where to begin? Where to end?! As the 6th and final season approaches, many folks, including myself, are starting to dust off the DVDs, magazines and websites and questions that remind of us everything we have seen come rushing back.

ABC.com had a pretty good starter kit for those who are forgetful. http://abc.go.com/shows/lost/starter-kit I watched it. It was fairly funnily narrated but did its job and raises some questions. Will Jack's bomb be detonated by Juliet who fell in the magnetic hole? Who is the alive Locke if the real Locke is dead? What will happen to the survivors in 1977 and the survivors in present day? Will these questions actually be answered?

It's hard to ask questions without getting into the past. What worries me is that I have heard numerous times that the writers themselves had no plans when making this show. I am sure they will settle things, but how? There is just so much to cover!

Like the connections. Are they random or do they have meanings? Just like in real life, connections or coincidences, or as some may even call them, miracles, happen every day and you just aren't aware of it. Is it just because this is a TV show, they need to be focused on? Nevermind picking apart each and every connection but in general, is it just something cool they decided to do, or is there a deeper meaning to all of it? Will they make things even more intertwined?

Also, the show has officially gone from possible "reality" to just straight science fiction so I kind of gave up on actually trying to explain the actuality in the time travel and such. But they have to answer it somehow right? I mean, I have never really been into scifi before. Do you just accept it as is, and not worry about the how or why? Well I guess normally you would but not the way this show started. Everything needs to be explained, that's just what LOST is supposed to be committed to.

Oy! I'm getting anxiety just thinking about it! Hopefully these questions and all the others being asked will be if not answered, touched on. I cant wait! What questions do you want answered?

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