Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grammys 2010 Live Blog

8 Wondering where and when Snookie and The Situation will be on.
801 Gaga wants to be the Statue of Liberty? How did she do her hair that quick?
803 Gaga's tushy! Vagine!
807 Is anyone hosting this thing?
808 "The biggest honor is to be honored by other musicians, next to Glee covering your song." -Colbert
809-811 is two minutes too long to talk about Susan Boyle.
811 Colbert's daughter reminds me of Evan Rachel Wood. But way cuter.
811 iPad whoa Apple reppin'.
813 The first of what I think will be many for Beyonce.
813 Intense to not accept your award because you're getting ready.
813 Taylor Swift, cute dancing to Put A Ring On It, the song she just lost to. Good sport.
813 We like the suits and sneakers.
815 Bathroom break haha
817 Nothing to say about this Green Day thing going on right now.
823 Red Carpet entries are coming in, already has fiascos up.
824 Cavs are totally winning.
825 Not a fan of Kristin Bell's dress.
825 Learning David has no patience for Country. But he thinks Taylor Swift will win.
826 He was right.
828 Thin ties are the new black.
829 Are those men going to strip? - David
831 Shes a magician, makin people float!
834 I guess she was taking all those golden highlights out. :(
834 Colbert was so right! You never know who you will see together! Slash, T Pain and Jamie Foxx coming up in a performance.
838 Wait I just realized, why are we calling her Beyonce? Shouldn't it be Sasha Fierce?
840 Are there awards at this show or is it just perfomances?
840 Pinks nips are bejeweled. I've seen too many artists private parts already. BTW never heard this song. Zzzzzzzzzz
842 When did she join the circus?
843 Nice shoes. Oh that's ALL you're wearing because ribbon and sequins don't count! Her body is sick though.
843 Um camera man missed something. Where did that water come from?
845 Standing ovation for the standing ovation Pink just got.
846 Wonder if Pink drank before that performance. She prob would have puked! Now THATS TV.
847 I hate when NEW artist is NOT new. What do they do to qualify for that?
855 why is everything so fuuristic? metals, spikes, sparkles...visors?
857 How did black eyed peas come to be? so random.
859 Team Will.I.Am
9 Do I dare take my third large glass of wine? Contemplating.
905 I just cant commit to these Jonas Brothers.
906 Totally saw that curtain falling on chic's head before it happened.
915 Distracted
920 Why do people love Robert Downey JR so much?
922 I want to be George Clintons random white friend.
923 auto tune mess up
923 Called Tpain being the conductor.
923 Hope Tpain and JayZ go at it.
924 Who is that dancing lady on stage?!
925 Rewinding to see what Jamie Foxx just sad to Jay Z about auto tune.
932 Katy Perry dress, no.
934 There are so many awards...why do they show the most random awards to people that are sleeping in their seats?!
935 A beanie man? Its the Grammys.
936 Cuddle time!
946 aw Rye that was really sweet what you just said about Taylor Swift.
949 I think people just thought that was Adam Lambert playing the guitar
952 Lionel Richie does botox?
953 So should we just start investing in 3d glasses? Is this the future of TV?
954 "I love trees." - Michael Jackson
955 This is just obnoxious.
958 No one at the Grammys with the 3D glasses even look amused.
959 J Huds bangs make it look like she has a bowl cut. I still love her though!
10 Will all awards shows just be half dedications to MJ now? Can we establish that now because I need to be warned about this stuff.
1003 David threw in the towel. Went to bed.
1009 Sheryl Crow is talking about something.
1009 Hey BJ, how does that leather jacket feel on your bare body? Ew.
1015 Livin On A Prayer - Snookie must be going buckwild
1016 Was the singer with BJ beaten? Did anyone else see mad bruises on her arm?
1016 I kinda heart Mos Def
1017 Kanye 3 noms. Whoa. Still hate him.
1018 Everyone make a tiny Kanye joke. Mine is, when did Kanye get so short? That little boy is gorgeous!
1019 Wait but really, who was that and why was he a walking advertisement for Jay Z? People, if you are going to pull stunts like that, execution is so clutch!
1020 Update: It was Solange Knowles son.
1024 1.What is this dramz everyone is referring to with Rihanna/Beyonce/JayZ? 2. Really though, where is Kanye? Too cool for school or wasnt invited?
1025 I speak Creole. Wyclef just said "Eff ya'll mofos, give us more money, we need help!"
1031 Realizing how long this actual post is but I dont know how to make it shorter with the link to the rest. Hmmm...
1040 How Jew doin Adam Sandler?
1041 Julia Roberts isn't introducing DMB?
1045 DMB, my good old days
1046 Oh forgot about awards!
1047 Are those bottle caps on Beyonces dress? Recycled material? Ecofriendly dress?
1048 JayZ. Husband. Momentous occasion.
1054 I want Honeyboys hat!
1057 Maxwell kills it on stage, and probably in bed too.
1058 Oh my wig, Roberta Flack.
11 RIP to so many talented people: Mary from Peter Paul and Mary, Teddy Pendergrass, DJ AM (oy felt that in the stomach), Les Paul, um and Michael Jackson?
1103 Jeff Bridges aka The Dude, talking about Les Paul. Love it.
1106 Grammy Camp?
1110 West Coast tweets on Grammys are starting to come in. Sucks to be behind! I dont know what I would do, avoid twitter for 3 hours? SO much catching up after though to read all East Coast comments. This isnt just a problem with Grammys, its all shows. New blog post in the works!
1112 Quentin Tarintino knows just how bad ass he is. Except his sweatshirt reminds me of what Ballstein would wear in Zoolander.
1112 "Glorious bastards" - QT just called Eminem and Lil Wayne. Yes! Lil Wayne and Travis Barker. #onlyattheemmys
1114 Yes! No sound for Lil Wayne's performance! I love it even more!
1114 Em lost his stage presence.
1116 So much silencing the screen froze. Drake, Lil Wayne, Eminem, never again I bet!
1117 Em got it back.
1118 Cant stop smilin from this amazingggggg performance. LOVE LIL WAYNE and Em and Travis. Whoa.
1121 Commercial for new Pearl Jam album. They would play a venue that small?
1125 Album of the year goes to:
11:26 My jaw just dropped. Taylor Swift. Mazel tov, I guess.
11:27 "Where is Kanye when you need him?" - Most people on Twitter
11:28 Who are the 15 year old girls on the Grammy voting team?
11:29 Cool Deloitte shout out.

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