Sunday, January 31, 2010

Red Carpet Live Blog

Enjoying a glass of Israeli Golan wine, Mascato, my favorite. I brought it back just for a night like this. Got a slow start on the night though because dinner was homemade by me and I was in no rush. Hence starting this at the time below. Ladies and gentleman, Red Carpet thoughts...

7:38 Beyonce literally has gold highlights. Amazing.
7:45 Givancheyyyyy on Ciara looks fug
7:46 Carey Hart looks like a douche. David says thats what people say when hes with me. I say no because you dont look like a douche.
7:52 RT @jasonadavis: ne-yo...did it sting that lionel richie just snubbed you? owww
7:53 Rhianna and Jared Leto have the same haircut
7:53 Just noticed the E mic, cute!
7:53 J Hud lost weight and looks incredible!
7:53 LOVE Ashantis dress!
7:58 Elie Saab, really?
7:58 Pink left a ring or something in her hair
7:59 Ke$has face look sok but her dress looks like a Halloween costume, not Grammy Dress.
8 love when Ryan Seacrest throws in fake New York accents

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