Thursday, January 21, 2010

RIP Brittany Murphy and Casey Johnson

Two young women have passed recently.

Brittany Murphy
November 10, 1977 – December 20, 2009

First introduced to me (and every other human being in 1995) as Ty in one of my favorite movies of all time, the classic, Clueless.

It's weird how you don't know a celebrity but you think you do. I always saw her as a woman who transformed herself into Hollywood. She seemed to have this infectious ray light shinging on the outside. Her character in Just Married comes to mind. She had an infectous and genuine laugh. But internally she really struggled. Yea she could be annoying but everyone has their moments.

She was rumored to have image issues and eating disorders which was clear when looking at her pictures and the transformations she went through. At the time of her death, the words heart attack, natural causes, drugs and Diabetes circulated. It is still yet to be determined but something inside of her, natural or not, just didn't mix well. Its very unfortunate.

A quote that struck me was from her ex and former costar, Ashton Kutcher. He wrote on his twitter page "2day the world lost a little peice of sunshine."

Her Wikipedia.

Casey Johnson
September 24, 1979 – January 4, 2010

I knew of Casey because her father, Woody, is the owner of the Jets and I met him a couple times at Doubles (old client). Casey was always talked about with a negative tone. Unfortunately in the most recent past, she was in some trouble with the law and was detached from her family, allegedly for having a lot of drug and mental problems. What socialite doesnt? But I guess she was really over the top, considering Woody cut her off of the Johnson & Johnson fortune.

She was most recently in the press for her lesbian relationships with another socialite, Courtenay Semal, and the oh so classy Tila Tequila. Ironically Casey had diabetes, just like Murphy. Both died so young. Casey was only 30 and had a daughter she adopted which is also a news topic these days. I imagine this mess will go on for a while.

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