Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life Update

On the complete opposite side of what I just posted about, I have been living my life to the fullest I possibly can. I just returned from Israel and moved to Cleveland!

When people first hear that I live here now, the first thing out of every person's mouth is "Why?". Well the obvious reason is because of David. Yes I LOVE New York, and I will miss it more then I can say. But I know I can be happy here too. If there is one place I HAD to move, (minus LA), this is the best place I could come. I have friends here already, I am familiar with the area, I am comfortable here. I've actually become pretty defensive for living here, which I find slightly amusing.

I am excited to see where David and I can go from here. It's gunna be a fun and interesting ride, that will probably make for a good blog entry or two, but I don't doubt for a second that this was the right decision. It was and I am finally happy.

Before I got here I was in Israel. I staffed another Birthright Sachlav trip. The average age of this group was 19 and 20 so it was a little different to be with younger participants this time. I was way more nervous that they would be harder to handle but this group was amazing. They took in everything we had to say and were really just a happy and enthusiastic group. Gillian was my co counselor and she is an awesome teammate to have. I lucked out majorly.

What I liked about this trip was that it was still different enough itinerary wise that I wasn't bored with the actual travel part. I still have not seen so much in that country. I wish I could have stayed but I was too anxious to get home to Cleveland. Next time perhaps. I would like to go in the summer but after the second half of this trip went down, it's a tough call.

I got very sick unfortunately and really struggled. At first I figured it was just what all the kids were coming down with but it was something worse. I thought I had mono because I couldn't stay awake, then maybe bronchitis. Either way, I was unable to go to the doctor which sucked. I had such a hard time keeping myself together the second half of the trip and I felt so bad because I couldn't be there for the kids. I almost want to go back just to prove I can be better! Regardless of how I felt, they all said they had an amazing time and I am glad I got to be a part of that.

There were many talented and colorful people on this trip. One was from Ohio, 3 were from Oregon who we played in the Rose Bowl while we were there, some were from the Brooklyn bubble (Flatbush), some had never traveled before. We all got very close after New Years, which was spent at a club called Constantine in Jerusalem. I was not thrilled being away on my one year anniversary but after pouting for a bit, I gave in and let loose and enjoyed everyone's company.

One of the boys, Michael Benatar, is an aspiring filmmaker. He filmed almost the entire trip and is in the process of creating a highlights reel. He has part 1 and 2 finished so far and if you are bored or interested in birthright, watch them here!

(Side note, Aladdin just started playing on TV. How appropriate.)

All of my photos are here, but my favorites are below. Oh and if you know anyone interested in Birthright, I am always willing to chat (I could for hours)!
Co Counselors for The Doobies

So hipster on our first night out.

Behai Gardens


Jerusalem moon during sunset

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