Monday, February 8, 2010

The Hurt Locker

Thumbs up! Adding to the checklist for nominees of best picture in the awards shows, we picked this movie and actually enjoyed it. I say it like that because of the circumstance surrounding the movie, I couldn't help but be a skeptic. The director, Kathryn Bigelow, is director James Cameron's ex wife (although only married from 89-91).

I always get a bit touchy with movies like this because I had a couple friends over there. All of them hated being there and wanted to come home. But then there are the few that live for it. Even go back. That was the main character in the movie here. With everything he had at home, a woman who loved him, a son, endless choices and freedom...he wasn't happy. That is something someone really has to learn how to deal with. If that means dedicating life to the army, or learning to cope with it at home. It's interesting to see the choice SFC William James made. One thing I do have to say is, we were only watching a movie that lasted 131 minutes and I was tiring of the lifestyle of bomb squads. These people were/are living it day in and day out for months at a time. I can't imagine!

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