Saturday, February 13, 2010

New York Fashion Week

This week has been tough for me, not being involved in fashion week for the first time in 3 years. I didnt realize how passionate I was about it until I wasnt involved. Even at the restaurant, I was pitching for pre-dinners.

I have been keeping up closely with everything online, overwhelming as it is. There is just so much! Just like NYFW itself. It's not just a fashion show, but the models in it, the people attending, the after parties and the coverage. Personally I am liking NYMag's coverage and as usual Fug Girls crack me up.

The week started off sadly with the death of McQueen. But it seemed like everyone was still looking forward to the Red Dress Event. For Heart Truth, the show has a purpose other than fashion. "This spectacular event reminds women of the need to protect their heart health and inspires them to take action. For the second year in a row, a selection of the designer dresses seen on the runway will be auctioned online in February through a partnership with Clothes Off Our Back. To bid on these Red Dresses this February, visit" ( According to the tweets, Kim Kardashian was a fave, with Reggie onlooking from the front row, as was Felicity Huffman and William H. Macy.

Charlotte Ronson's show seems to get more and more popular with the celebs. Jordan Catalano and Matt Dillion attending...impressive.

Perhaps its more eye popping in person but Christian Siriano's line didn't amaze me this time around. But I will give him props for once again using a diverse model selection.

Just in general, I am seeing a lot of sloppy layering and messy outfits. Not that they aren't made well, it's just odd to be couture. Like this for example from Jason Wu...
He had some great stuff too but this was a major "?" in my book.

My favorite NYFW pasttime, model fall watch. The first one was a big one this year. Not once, but twice, the beloved Agyness Deyn. Couldn't have asked for anything better than that!

Looking forward to seeing more fashion and falls.

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