Monday, February 22, 2010

Kell On Earth Ep. 4 - Live Blog

I usually write this write up in a different format as you can see in previous episodes but this live blog just came more naturally today. Ladies and gents, my thoughts on this week's episode of Kell On Earth.

The most common phrase used on this show is "One of our favorite clients".

Wait, all of a sudden Vorhees has an assistant in this show?! Also, I totally love how she just got bitched out because she looks happy and healthy and is well dressed. The boss should be and the workers should be disheveled and tired according to Kelly. This is possibly one of the greatest things I have ever heard.

Ah the book name drop finally. I wouldn't think Kelly was a good publicist unless she publicized her own stuff! I ain't givin her shit for this one, in fact I'm high fiving it. I just finished the book and it is a good one! (review to come)

Really, being a writer has its perks. You get invited to events, know the scoop, get to meet so many different types of people. I see why some people make the transition. I honestly don't think most writers become writers for perks either which is what I think is genuine about it. You can't fake good writing, unless you hire a ghost writer.

PR Rule: Never drink on the job. But if you absolutely have to, hold your shit together! Favorite memory of mine in my pr life: club opening and we each took turns firing the brand new drunk intern. THAT was a fun night!

Quote award for this episode goes to: Andrew
"Sharing misery brings people together."
"I hate these boxes of plastic that we rely on."

Kelly shows a sensitive side frowning and saying I don't want to fire her. I like vulnerability. It shows the human side of her.

"I wasn't going to do it. Cuz I was going to a Jonas Brothers concert!" - Kelly on firing.

I guess that makes us "superman on amphetamines" Vorhees! But wait, did she just ask to be fired?! I am glad she is gone, I can't listen to her without getting angry. She just isn't one of us.

It's sad that I make sure the DVR doesn't skip a beat because I like seeing the city shots. Dam I miss NYC.

Kelly and I pack the same! Just throw in things and wing it. I always get made fun of but you know what, I'm the one who isn't freaking out about outfits and you are so shut up!

Aw really sweet how Kelly says that it gets harder and harder to leave your kid as they get older.

Summer Friday's - Many pr places do this in the summer. It's our little secret, shhh. Friday you are out at either 2 or 4. Its great. Don't ever expect it but its a total nice perk for us every now and then. Granted half the time it's because you are schelping to get to the Hampton Jitney only to go work more on the weekends.

This scene of them being left alone is hysterical. The conference call and them leaving early is also just reminding me of some of my favorite times at my first pr job. Ah there were some fun afternoons at Paris Match. @chrisonchris @reneevlucas @erinlryder @lau525 I miss us.

Just another typicalness. When people think they don't apply to world rules. Like sending in your RSVPs a day before. They never show the end result though. What happened? Did he make a miracle like we tend to do and make it happen? I bet he did.

"Kelly says if you have to cry go outside. So go re-apply your bronzer and pull yourself together and come back in." - Skinner to a man
I dont get how Skinner's only a Jr. Account Exec. I love her more and more. Sex and the City dreams. "Slowly but surely I'm making my way to that booth. "

Why are they interviewing people with no pr experience?

The most important/relevant part of this episode:
DYING from this twitter account thing. Rules of fight club, never talk about fight club. I wonder what her twitter will say now? Haha apparently so does Andrew. This is possibly extremely entertaining to me for three reasons. 1. I was involved in a conversation on PRBreakfastClub today about this very situation. Go check it out here! 2. They claim you cant share/twitter/blog whatever and as a career I want to continue in the future, I seriously question this blog entry all together. Kinda ironic. 3. PeoplesRev is on twitter! The entire staff is. But I do understand where and why its OK and not OK in this situation. If you don't, try reading some PRBC entries. Very interesting and relevant stuff people!

Holy crap Kelly Cutrone herself just freakin tweeted me!

@BeccaMeyers yeah it's relevant #kellonearth is the new social media rules teacher - the housewives are not on twitter - duh
Tweeted by @peoplesrev Mon 22 Feb 23:10 in reply to
@stina6001 please tell me you watched #kellonearth? The twitter got someone fired...#prbc relevant much?!

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