Monday, February 15, 2010

Kell On Earth Ep. 3

I continue to love the show...


Rule 1: "It's fashion. Someone's gunna do something to fuck you over" - Kelly
Rule 2: NEVER mispell anything in a press release, let alone the client's name!
Rule 3: You need to respect Womens Wear Daily.
Rule 4: Getting payment is generally a painful process.
Rule 5: Don't piss off the publicist, the person with access to all the press. duh
Rule 6: An hour and a half before an event/show, the client goes whoaaaaaaaaaaa. It's ritual. Thats just what they do.


"They wanted to have the best possible event for the least amount of money which is very typical in the fashion industry." - Robyn
"We're trying to sell underwear, not beat someone up." -Kelly to model
"It's like Auschwitz." - Kelly about models bodies
FINALLY someone mentioned PRESS! "The main focus is to get press there." -Emily
"If you're not up to the job, just say I'm getting paid x amount of dollars and I think I should give you some of your money back because I dont know what I'm doing." - Kelly


  • Syl Tang is one of the 120 most importat writers?! Not in my book.
  • New York is the smallest city ever! They seriously found their dog they gave away on the street. WTF!
  • Note: $60 - $80k for a normal fashion show
  • What a publicist notices when watching a show like this: This is the second time in 3 episodes (and 1 week in real time) that they are doing a presentation at the same venue.
  • It's interesting to hear the boss's side of things when she is talkig to her sister. I always wonder what they say and I really like this personal side of Emily. I and pretty much any other publicist can sympathize with the personal/work time dilemmas.
  • I love the clearly edited scene about 3/4 a way through when they only show like a 2 minute clip of something random before another commercial and it was just of gum chewing. Also, what was that pancho man thing?
  • Pro to being a boss: you dont miss a kids moment because no one can tell you no. PS Ava's 2nd grade pose in front of the bench at Ralph Lauren...totally my lunch break bench!
  • and finally...
Vorhees: OK I am sure she isn't a DUMB girl, but if you can't handle pressure and rise to the occasion, you're out. It doesnt mean you're a bad person, this just isn't your thing. Sorry. "It seems like it's common sense but I had never done it before." Thats why it's called common sense. It's something that comes to you without much thinking. She cant deal with disorganizaton and that is just not gunna work in an office like that.

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