Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Keep It One Hunded

I like Kid Cudi, music in general and blogs. I also like my mom's boyfriend's son, Jason. It just so happens he is the co-author of a really great music blog called Keep It One Hundred. So today, he has an article on Kid Cudi and I figured it would be a perfect time to introduce him to my world. *This was unsolicited and I would not just shout out anyone because they are "family" or a friend. If I didn't actually like their stuff, I wouldn't waste my time, or yours.*

If you are interested in the ongoings of the hip hop, rap, and rock world, with a little pop culture and randoms mixed in, these kids are on top of it. It's not just, "Here's a popular artist, listen to his track." There is actual depth to the articles they write.

I linked it to the Entertainment links on the right, and you can follow them on twitter @keepit1hundred and become a fan on their facebook group

Speaking of Kid Cudi, he hasn't been around for too long yet holds a solid career so far which is impressive. My favorite song of his is Up Up and Away (youtube). He is from Shaker Heights Ohio, the town I currently live next to. I actually have friends who went to HS with him at Solon. Kid Cudi is also severely disturbed, as the majority of his lyrics reflect. Kids got problems!

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