Monday, February 1, 2010

Kell On Earth

Episode 1. Welcome To Kell.


Kelly Cutrone runs People's Revolution, (@peoplesrev) a fashion house pr firm that produces fashion shows around the world. A power house. Although not the first time on TV, Kell On Earth on Bravo should really capture this world that not many know. I kinda come from this world.

There will DEFINITELY be an entry for each episode. Being in the industry for 2 years, I have a couple thoughts. (Not claiming I'm a vet or anything. I know its not long but you learn A LOT, really fast.) The show also hits close to home, literally, because where I worked before I left for Ohio, was around the corner from People's Revolution. Seeing Ms. Cutrone and a camera crew following was not a rare thing for me.

Right now my adrenaline is pumpin' which only fully confirms that this is what I still want to do. I could live off that energy. That negative, crazy, many times wasteful and amazing energy and if a TV show makes me this excited still, I know I cant be done with it yet. I am sure I will update this after letting more sink in and reading what others say. Like Poshglam.

Rules we learned so far:

Rule #1: If You Have To Cry, Go Outside
Rule #2: Give Good Phone
Rule #3: If There Is A Problem, Its Your Fault
Rule #4: Never Expect Thank Yous
Rule #5: Just Because You Delegate Something, Doesn't Mean Its Getting Done.


"A lot of people use the word couture like oh I have Juicy Couture or oh I have a couture dress. No you don't." -Kelly Cutrone
"That List is what people are paying you for." - Worker Bee
(um I was an intern when I did that and yea RSVPs are hard but they aren't THAT hard)
"I'm an assistant. I don't know whats going on." - Andrew, Kelly's assistant (Who only has 460 followers on Twitter at the moment. Wonder how much that # will jump...@AJMukamal)
"At the end of the day we're publicists, not magicians." - Kelly


  • Seating charts are actually bs in the end but to the designer before the show, unfortunately its all they want and its what matters. Most people don't sit where they are supposed to so it usually goes to hell but you cant ever assume that even though its pretty much a fact. It's a necessary evil.
  • I also don't know why everyone always acts like this chaos is the first time its happened. Not to mention, DUH there are computer problems when you need something. That is so Fashion PR 101. If you interned for like 5 minutes in any firm, you should know this. Fashion or other. But you would think that after "18,000 shows" there would be some sort of systematized way of doing things. Perhaps a downfall for having young workers and interns? Also you can never predict the issues. Literally every name is a different situation every time. Its actually mind blowing.
  • Always remind yourself, shes not yelling at you, shes just yelling and you are human and you do make mistakes, even though you know its the end of the world every time you mess up.
  • Just thinking about all the interviews I went on where the office was the home. Probably half. My first job was in the owners brownstone, but that's just cuz he was trying to be cheap and is lazy.
  • I'm keeping my thoughts about Robyn to myself for now.
  • Lastly for now, I actually wonder if this will hurt the company. Having clients see what actually goes on before their shows. Kelly no doubt delivers so her track record should back her up enough to not effect the work. But, (and as being from a firm who contemplated a TV show at once, this was a concern of ours) seeing 20 year olds have no clue whats going on up until the moment the show goes off and knowing there are interns being put in charge of things you were probably assuming were being done by trained and seasoned professionals, could definitely be daunting to some.

Cant wait for episode 2!

BTW Amazing timing for this. Bravo to Bravo. Right before New York Fashion Week kicks off and Kelly's book, If You Have To Cry, Go Outside is released. Shes actually doing a book signing tomorrow if you are in NYC. B & N on 66th n Broadway @ 7PM

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