Sunday, February 21, 2010


After watching what was possibly the calmest birth ever (what drugs were you on Kourtney? bc that is what I want when the time comes.) on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, SPINdustry aired on E! tonight. It's star is Command PR with Jonathan Cheban and uber hilarious Simon Huck, executive produced by Kim Kardashian.

Another show about my career, Entertainment PR! I love how when I move out of NYC and basically give up on the dream, these two shows (Kell On Earth being the other) pop up just to constantly remind me that I miss it so much and want to work again more than anything. I decided I'm on hiatus til I get back to NYC, not redirecting my life as previously planned.

Jonathan and Lizzie Grubman used to work together. Lizzie originally had the MTV show PoweRgirls. I wonder if he asked her for advice on having a show. How it affected business? If it was worth it?

As I sit here reading tweets from fellow publicists watching the show, I can't help but laugh. These are not entertainment pr people. These are the corporate pr people. The people I thought I wanted to work for after moving. (Granted a job is a job in Cleveland, Ohio but still...) They can't believe places conduct themselves the way they do. Well there is definitely a certain type of person that it takes to work in this unique and niche area and you clearly are not one of them. But let me tell ya, you are missing out on some crazy fun stuff! You really learn to get through things when you don't have an IT guy to call because simultaneously the internet, cable and lights go out and you have a meeting in one hour and the printer will not print the color red, let alone turn on.

At the same time, this opening scene is frustrating as hell and I am sure there will be more and more like it. The typical, "I told you no mustard!" scene. Scenes that make me cringe and question what these people are thinking hiring them/keeping them on staff. I just wonder why it's so hard for me to find a job when I see what is getting hired. I am willing to work my ass off for you, get you results, and for minimal pay no less! Why don't you want me? After seeing scenes like this, I really consider dumbing myself down, making more mistakes, and perhaps taking off some experience from my resume and perhaps THEN they will want me!?!

Which brings me to my second point of personalities. There are two types of entertainment pr girls. The ones who are chill and supportive and amazing. They are the coolest people you will meet, make you feel like you can run the world. They empower you. They are smart and strong willed and get things done. They don't deal with bullshit.

The second type of pr girl is the one I can't stand, and clearly this crew is filled with them. The backstabbing, jealous, can't let things roll off their backs type who will complain and fight and eye roll til there's no tomorrow. Haters. They tend to be very unproductive and inefficient for the bottom line, yet they seem unavoidable. They can't focus on the task at hand because they are so caught up in drama. Catty catty catty, meow.

For those interested in the SPINdustry, a couple things you learn from this episode:

"You're coming as entourage and I don't want you to even breathe." Definitely means DON'T SPEAK.

"You're here to carry the lollipops." - Jonathan in a sad but true fact about interns and beginners. The smallest wrong comment can send clients packing. Until you are "approved", don't even think about saying a word. It's all about the almighty word in this world.

"An event is only as successful as the press you get from it." - Simon. The only thing is that editing must have cut out the actual pr work (understandable because no one wants to see that!) Those pictures and mentions don't organically show up there as Simon says. There was A LOT of begging and hard work to get them there! Something outsiders don't realize. Once you actually work like this, you never look at a magazine, paper or really anything the same again. Funny looking through the weeklies from a publicist's point of view.

Now the only questions I have left for this particular episode is, how much Sugar Factory sales will go up now?

With laugh out loud moments like Simon windexing cupcakes to avoid eating them, hilarious arguments on who gets to say "thank you", and office drama no doubt to continue, I certainly look forward to more from SPINdustry!

UPDATE: I wanted to add something to this. WHY I love entertainment PR. IT'S FUN! Yea there is business involved, deadlines, egos...but let's be honest, this isn't brain surgery. We aren't solving the world's problems here and there is pressure but it isn't the kind of pressure that the world is truly effected by. Some entertainment publicists may argue it is important and all but really, its ENTERTAINMENT. THAT is why I love the industry, or SPINdustry if you will.

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