Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Should Have Been The "Gym Grifter"

Another one bites the dust. I had this idea, when I first moved to Manhattan. I really wanted to join a gym and thought to myself, "I should just go gym hopping. Free trials should get me through. There are enough gyms that I could probably keep it going for a while. Plus my single friends would love sampling out the guys at each." But then, laziness got the best of me, and I never stepped foot in a Manhattan gym for the entire year. Bitch even started a blog! (

Today, there's some coverage I am seeing on a young women who apparently had the same idea as me and went through with it. DARNIT! She's been dubbed the "Gym Grifter" by the Daily News.

"Most people aren't cheap enough to do this for a whole year," she said. "But I am."
But then, thinking from an entrepreneur's standpoint, I started realizing something and what I read next was a comment from a front desker at a gym and my exact thought: "Checking out two or three gyms I understand, but to do it for a year is just ripping people off," he said.

I wish I wasn't so lazy. Personally, I would have started the blog AFTER the project, in the event of exactly what happened to her (the news blowing her cover). Wonder how long the free passes will last for her now?

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Molls said...

I don't think you can pull those shenanigans around here.

This is why yoga rules - it is working out and enjoyable.