Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Kell On Earth Ep. 2

1. When a client says, "I don't want to talk to press." at an event and you listen to them and shoo them away, you always should know that it will result in a firm and confused "I don't understand where all my coverage went that you promised? Where was all the press?" the next day.

2. No matter what, the most important thing to do is seat the seven year old.

3. You will get fired for something out of your control at some point in your pr career. (*please see thoughts)

4. Must be detail oriented. Not just an overused saying.

5. Always look everywhere before you call to ask where something is.

6. Triple and quadrouple check.

"That's how you make a phone call. We can practice later." - Stephanie Vorhees to interns
"People should pay to work and learn with me." - Kelly (and it's a BRILLIANT idea! I'll take it one further...if you like me after, I get my money back and a job. 100% would do that.)
"I can't sleep for two hours and be productive everyday" - Stephanie Vorhees
"George Wayne popped the Swarovski crystal like a pill." - Kelly. (I love that man. Also not surprised at that outcome but more surprised and weirded out she was handing them out.)
"Kelly gets into the spiritual side of things, aka just pretty much making it hard for me to breathe." - Andrew
"PR girls in general spend so much time in the drama of whats not working, that if they just got into the action, the job would have been over and done, and they would have had a positive result, instead of a bitchfest." - Kelly
"Model down!"


  • If you are a legit press person, who is invited, and has an invite, you best know what you are doing in that tent and if you don't, you don't deserve that invite or seat assignment you are holding at the back of the crashers line.
  • PR people should know how to handle their crasher rage.
  • You "accomplished more then what you had to" Kell? Signs of arrogance in a semi- meaningless job you think is world changing. But then again, if she didn't take all her work that seriously, she wouldn't be where she is. Oh the evil side of fashion pr. Also like to note that I did just mention the job I love as semi-meaningless. But that is one of the reasons I love it. If I do screw up, it's not the end of the world. It may suck, there may be consequences, but the world didnt stop turning, noone died, and my life will go on.
  • *You getting fired for something out of your control...that happens in public relations. When clients aren't on the cover of WWD and that's what they wanted, it has nothing to do with your list. It's sad that this girl thinks it's her fault when they aren't getting to the point. I am sure it didn't help that it was a shit show at the actual show but the bottom line is you were hired to execute a job in proper form, and this was not done. In addition, clients will be crazy and never understand that they demand rediculous, unrealitic things that make no sense and it will be your fault. We already learned this in ep. 1.
  • Why do they never mention that PRESS is part of their job?
  • Its the middle of Fashion Week, during work hours and you go to get your hair did and you arent the boss? Also, wait, if you know a hair professional, you can just walk into a hair place and do it?
  • How does someone with a finance degree get to People's Revoltion and I can't get an interview anywhere?
  • i feel really bad for these interns. they really dont know any better. if something was cut from the show, like maybe getting direcions and not listening, i could understand but, wtf Kell! We know you are stressed but this doesnt even make sense. I cant stand when that blonde bitch says it, but shes also not an intern...if they werent told, they dont know. In the interns case, this is true. THEY JUST DONT KNOW. But that said...
  • hahaha Meredith Melling Burke getting a gift bag with writing like that...peeing in my pants!
  • I dont get why kelly was on the phone with that Irish lady. That was just weird.
  • Snowball effect. Once you fuck up in an office like this, it all just goes to shit if you don't fix it immediately and get yourself together ASAP.
  • Ying and Yang in the world - some people are amazing (Jeans Guy), some suck (Rucci)
  • Why is Kelly giving Vorhees so many chances? Why does she like her? That shit would and should never fly.
  • "Kelly went outside to tell them to turn their sirens off so people don’t think what’s going on in the show is a big disaster. Except, hello? The show was a big disaster. Jeggings were the star garment, a model fainted, the set looked cheap, and we didn’t even see very many people there. Frankly, everyone involved in organizing it missed out on the publicity they would have gotten if the world had known during Fashion Week that model had collapsed. Bloggers eat that shit up." (NYMag)
  • That shirt Andrew was wearing was repulsive.
People and Brands Noted For Appearance:
Julia Alison
Deleon Tequila

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