Monday, August 4, 2008

2nd Monday of the 12 Day Work Week

Hamptons was a shit show, no suprise. Not only do you have to prepare for survival of the fittest staying wise, but add work problems on top of that and its safe to say I am not suprised I still have a migrane.

Ariel let me stay in her home, which was so nice! I was mature and sent my first thank you basket. I'm a big girl now. :) Anyway, took the luxury liner and got out in the worst possible time, when the rain and lightening was the worst. Lightening actually struck the parking lot across the street from us as we were standing there. We finally got to the house. Dried off and relaxed til work. Got so lost we had beg a cab to lead us to the house because patience after an hour in the backroads of Watermill in a topless jeep in the cold damp weather, was not high. Minus the photographer being a half hour late and the goblin making things worse on the phone, the bottom line is we got everything done. Check ya photos here. I made my spokesmodel debut, page 7. Next time, I should get paid. Grrr. Then we went to our afterparty. A picture is worth a thousand words...

The next morning I relaxed by the pool until job #2. I heart guestlists and we saw a dead guy on the way back. And thats all I have to say about that.

The limo ride home was eventful. Wine and roadtrips do not always equal calm but definitely equal laughs. Thanks again Ariel!

UPDATE: This photo ran with my credit in the Daily News - Rush & Molloy on the August 11th!

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