Friday, August 8, 2008

Spotted on 45th - MetLife Building

I watched Top Chef Season 2 for one reason, and his name was Sam. Sam's been pretty busy and successful now with his whole Surf Lodge thing in Montauk and getting engaged; not to me. Its ok though, not the first time my heart has been broken.

We were talking about him at work because he is guest cheffing at a place we work with. It was a very Sam filled day. Then, I left work early to go meet my mom and go to The Police concert at Jones Beach and who walks out of the Met Life building but...Sam!!! I kinda squeezed my boyfriend's arm and my jaw dropped and I was clearly excited about something and at the same time I was like, hmmm how do I explain this one to my boyfriend? Whatever if he saw like, Scarlett Johansson and smiled a bit, i'd understand. So that was a nice little spotting.

The concert was good. Their second to last show. Ever. Im not a huge fan but my mom is and its been her dream to see them so I got her tickets for mothers day. I dont know how I will top that for her birthday in 2 weeks now! I knew more songs then I thought, and I had no idea Sting played the bass, which is pretty hot. Had a real nice time with my momma. She's so cool.

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