Thursday, August 14, 2008


I remember seeing a website somewhere where this guy comes up with ideas but does not have the time or resources to execute his plans. But he posts them anyway, and perhaps if someone chooses to work with it, he gets credit and some of the profit. I think thats a brilliant idea. I have some ideas of my own that this could apply for.

Idea: Post Break Up Living Situation Site (I'll work on that title)
Background: Lately I have known a couple people in this situation. You move in with the boyfriend/girlfriend and then the break up occurs. Yes, much like the movie, and you are stuck. Who stays? Who goes? The people that I have met have tried sticking it out a couple weeks but none have lasted. Once that decision is made, how do you even go about finding a place and or a roommate? Maybe on Craigslist there should be a section for this. OR (drumrole) there should be a site specifically catered to this situation! Any thoughts?

UPDATE: If something like can exist, then WHY not do the above?

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