Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Twitter RT Experiment

Tuesday March 30: I decided that tomorrow (Wednesday March 31) I am going to do an experiment on Twitter. I am convinced that I can RT anything I possibly want to say. Results to come in 24 hours...

UPDATE 1 (Wed 4PM): I don't know what to do. Someone tweeted and I want to RT with a response. Does that count? I haven't had any problems expressing myself and updating my status at all yet! What do you think? I am going to rule this as OK.

UPDATE 2 (Wed 4:15PM): No one has tweeted at me yet BUT what should I do about responses? I guess I need to change my hypothesis a bit...

UPDATE 3 (Wed 11PM):
Overall it was a success. Besides the little hiccups above with the response situation, I was able to find and RT everything I wanted to.

But my final thought is that I prefer to be original. There are common things like "good morning", "Matzah brie and relaxing" and "Air Tran sucks" but I didn't get a single RT today on my side. I felt disconnected. I felt like it was less personal. One of the reasons I think I connect with twitter is because I can add my personality to my 140 characters and with simply RTing, that can never come out.

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