Monday, March 22, 2010

Kell On Earth Episode 7

"Tough Times"
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It sucks when people don't pay. All my readers and friends now how I feel about this. I'd only be repeating myself so I digress.

Sink or swim: How I find many offices to be in the industry.

Pick your brain issues! How many times have we heard this hot topic?

Another issue recently brought up in life as well as the show, is the distinguishing between personal life and work life. Part of the thing about loving your job is you don't care if you are always working. In your mind, you know it's work but you don't mind because you enjoy it or get off on it. Sure you like to complain about always working, but that doesn't mean you actually mean it. It definitely becomes a problem when your personal life falls apart due to it though. This is when you really have to evaluate your life and think about what you want. Sometimes, gorgeous wonderful boyfriends who don't do much professionally need more attention then you can give them and you just have to let go. I feel for Skinner. I respect her decision. Some people may not. It's a personal thing. Only you can determine when to draw the line. It can be done. It's just a matter of how much you want it to be.

With that said, some people are skeptics about Kelly getting all up in the personal lives of her staff but really, you spend most of your time with these people. It would be more awkward if they didn't have these personal talks in my opinion. When I was with my working crew, they were my best friends. Misery also loves company and since we were all "miserable" together, we only wanted to be with each other. Even doing non-working hours. Again, this plays into the whole, it's up to you thing I stated in the above paragraph. These small boutique places really are little families. I can assure you, when I had been in an office of 5 people for over a year and the boss who was absent walked by me outside the office standing with his maid an holding his dog no less, and he asked the maid who I was...not exactly a warm fuzzy feeling inside.

OMG I KNEW this girl they were interviewing looked familiar! She's the one from Whisper PR who stole all that jewelry! This was all going on while I was interviewing there.

I hate to pick on a 7 year old, but Ava seems kinda bratty. It's one thing to raise your child cool and smart and educated but it's another when they cross the line into pretentious. Then again, there's a TV camera in front of a girl who probably LOVES attention. Just sayin'.

Is Sanctuary T a client for Peoples Rev or just the closest spot for them to go to? If they aren't a client, they are getting great exposure on the show. I dig that place.

"To stay sane, you gotta go a little crazy!" I.E. Skinner in the spiked headband.

This Rick Ross thing just threw me for a loop. Kelly calls Rick Ross and starts free styling and I'm mystified that she just did that and then I see that its some random white dude. Kinda relieved!

Quotes by Kelly:
"We don't like reality, that's why we work in fashion!"
"We need to reevaluate our values and right now people do not want to buy a $2000 pair of pants. But unless people all go nude, they are going to need clothes."

I like that Kelly runs her company in an evolving state. She understands that nothing is static. Change is good.

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