Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Not gunna lie, I have a gift. For some reason I can usually pick up on trends and people that will last and or make a larger impression on people.

For example, one time I worked with this photographer at an event. Afterwards, we walked home in a rainstorm, parted ways after a laugh, and I. Was. Infatuated. I will admit, I may have stalked him a bit after but it faded fast. I do still try to keep up with him though because I realized it wasn't so much a crush on a guy, but I just had a feeling he was special.

When I became facebook friends with him, he had this photo album called Thug Life and its just his family hanging out pretending to be thuggish. It was one of the funniest things I had seen, because I just imagined my family sitting around doing stupid things like this (not that we did, it would just be funny if we did.) I thought I posted this in my blog a while ago but I cant find it:

Anywho, after my little crush died down, a couple months later he was in the news. He was doing a photo project and getting himself and his models arrested all over town for them dropping trou in public places like the subway and the MET. I was so proud of my little artist friend.

Now, after just seeing him in a split second screen shot in that atrocious reality show, High Society, according to guestofaguest.com, he will be the newest cast member on MTV's The City. Yet another step into the spotlight. Man can I spot em!

For those interested, Zach's photography page is zhfoto.com

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