Sunday, March 28, 2010


Passover is on the way. Personally, just thinking of the holiday makes me crave bread and water. Matzah, ugh so dry! Luckily there is this thing called the internet and tons of things to make this holiday a little more bearable to my palate.

Like Aly Walanksy's Matzah Crack.
Modern Tribe's Passover Store (the Matzah gear like the baby bibs and yarmulke!).

I also just had a memory. My family used to go to my aunt's house on my dad's side. Her two daughter's married non Jews. Not an issue at all in the family but it made for interesting seder readings when we went around the table and they couldn't pronounce things. Anyway, I was never into my "Jewness" when I was younger and I immediately bonded with these dudes. We made up games throughout the years to keep ourselves entertained. One managed to last for years.

My aunt had these mini soaps in a dish in the bathroom and we hid one, just like an afikomen. I never found it the first year and the second year my uncle went back and got it, out of the potted plant in the library. Then I hid it and he didn't find it and I retrieved it the following year. This went on for about 8 years. I don't know how my aunt never found it!

What do you and your family do to get through the holidaze?

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