Monday, March 22, 2010


I know I have multiple personalities. Some days I feel feminine and delicate. Others I am dark and angry. Others I am a hippy and others I am a tomboy. Today I am just feeling tattoos.
I don't think I would ever go as big as the following but there is something I like about side tattoos lately. But I am very particular about it. Very fine line between too much/trashy, and sexy. I think the most I would go is maybe something small on my upper side rib, but thats pushing it. I'd really like to get my white hamsa on my wrist soon though, and thinking about an Ohm.

I found out that this tattoo convention, Hell City, is coming to Columbus in May and I want to go! Even if I never get a tattoo, I am still interested in it as an art form and think a convention like this would be one of the most interesting things to ever go to.

Coincidentally, as I was looking at tattoos on google and there were two randomly that struck me more then others. It turns out they were done by the same guy, Phil Young, who I think will be at the convention.

Here are just a couple more, from my friends and others I found and like.

UPDATE: Just yesterday @littlelittley posted a tweet about getting tattoo's over the age of 25. I responded saying I am 25 and want my first. My reasoning was that I had a long time to think about it and if I am still so obsessed with getting the same thing after this long, I should just do it. When you are 18, it's rare that something means so much to you that you want it inked eternally on you. Much better plan then just some tramp stamp cuz you are mad at your dad!

There seemed to be a lot of support on the decision to get them later in life. I know a lot of people who do mother daughter tattoos, in the mothers case, her first. I can't wait til the hardcore tattoo bodies get old. I am dying to see a great grandmother all inked up!

But this also brings me to another possible entire blog entry, which is tattoos in society now and specifically in the work force. I just ate at a restaurant that was if not acceptable, practically encouraging for you to show off you tattoos as an employee. But I am not referring to those. I mean regular office jobs. Is it becoming a more lenient thing or will certain places, like law firms, always be strict about this? What's a dumb 16 year old girl with a butterfly on her ankle to do 15 years down the road with a law degree?


Alanna Glicksman said...

I'm totally with you on the chamsa tattoo. However, I don't think I can bring myself to put something so permanent on my body.

Do you think you are going to get one?

B said...

Def. getting the hamsa, probably next time in NYC or possibly at this convention!