Monday, March 29, 2010

Published on PRBreakfastClub

What an exciting day for me! A while back I stumbled upon, blogged about, and faithfully follow PRBreakfastClub. They post daily about anything PR but I I enjoy it the most because it's written by fellow colleagues that not only speak my language but experience situations and have the same thoughts I do.

I've developed some great online relationships with a couple of the #prbc crew and just recently they asked me to guest blog on the very site I admire so much. I was honored, and scared! But alas, I immediately started writing the first thing that came to mind and the Evolution of An Unemployed which, although may not be a controversial or mind blowing piece of work, people can relate to, which is what I am seeing. It's slightly more fluffy then meaty but I am proud of it and thrilled to see all the support everyone gives each other.

Low and behold, my published work: HERE

Thanks for the opportunity guys! Looking forward to more of these opportunities!


derek said...

Congrats on getting published! It was a great read! You definitely aren't alone. I'm unemployed in Akron and I feel your pain...may we both find stage 6 soon!


Derek Arnold

B said...

thanks for the kind words derek, good luck!