Monday, March 8, 2010

Kell On Earth Ep. Don't Remeber (3/8)

Just another live blog:

10am - the witching hour, its really brutally early.

Jeremy Scott is so weird/interesting. I just was waching a rerun from Kendra and that crazy kid Johnny Makeup, was running around in a jumpsuit with giant $$$$ symbols everywhere and screaming how it was Jeremy Scott. That sums up the clientele pretty well I think.

"It's constantly negative negative negative and its like, why am i gunna do anything for you?" - Stef Skinner on how she feels about her boss and speaking for 99% of workers who feel underappreciated.

I love the way Kelly describes her relationship with baby daddy. She says it is a very modern relationship.

The Book - I enjoy watching this process with Meridith Bryan. I read If You Have To Cry Go Outside and I have so much to say my entry on it is overwhelming me but I cant say enough how much I love love love it for the moment and think every woman should read it. More to come...

Lube for men in a PR place, sadly is a familiar thing for me.

Emily is seasoned at this job. She gets it, but skinner is still learning and therefore will be emotional. I'm sure Emily was at this point once too. I find that all seasoned publicists seem to get so tough, and so calised, they forget to look back/don't give a shit about the youngins. It's just the nature of the pr evolution beast. I like seeing the fact that Kelly is admitting she is being hard on Skinner for Skinner's benefit. Most employees that are assistants, trainees, interns, etc don't see the boss's side of it. In the rare case that The Kelly Cutrone see's something in you, perhaps she's being hard on you to make you better? Bt how far is too far? I think a lot of boss's are trying to be beneficial and sometimes just take it too far.

To be really efficient in a pr place like this, you need to find your groove. Emily works the way I do, where you finish and move on. I can't understand how some poeople work on something a little and something else a little. It will swallow you whole in my opinion! But once you find your groove, you are unstoppable!.

"That's the problem with this city, everybody looks gay but isnt!" - Andrew

How did I never run into anyone from Peoples Revolution at Gourmet Garage? Well maybe I did and I jut didnt realize at the time. Hmm...

Totally would have been funny (and prob not too surprising) if I knew the guy on the blind date.

Didnt Kelly crash a date with Whitney Port too? I admire Kelly so much more and more. She really just has so much fun with her crew. Her staff really are treated like family.

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