Saturday, March 20, 2010

Television History

I'll admit I did not watch Ugly Betty until last year. Then Mark Indelicato, who plays Justin Suarez, Betty's nephew on the show, became a client. I cannot say enough how much I loved working with this kid. His family was wonderful and he has such a great team behind him. I miss him more then anyone else I've worked with and luckily still keep in touch.

I watch UB now because I think the show and he are just brilliant. Two weeks ago, I turned it on just as Betty was by accident playing a music video Justin created for Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance". I nearly peed my pants in hysterics. One of the first assignments I was given was to get him into a Lady Gaga show and it was impossible. After this performance, I am sure he could waltz right in! I wish I could find a clip to the video, or ABC would post it but I digress and will just post the ep. link for you to see.

As a teenage boy struggling with identity, the show took things to the next level. He wasn't thinking, he was DOING. I don't think the world could have experienced this with a better actor. I am so proud of him and the show for this huge step. It is really a shame on the cancellation because the show could really take this somewhere.

Pic from Mark's blog at his "Sweet 16" I sadly could not make it to. The girl is his best friend who went to the same summer camp as I did. Such a small world. :)

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